Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman



Aries man and Scorpio woman relationship is wise if maintained in balance. One represents the fire and other represents

the water. Aries man and Scorpio woman both can share good relationship given that they do not try to

overpower other.

Aries man:

Aries man is born to lead and win. They have natural skills to lead others. They want to achieve everything at any cost.

Win makes them proud and boost their ego. They like helping others but they would expect praise in return for their

work. Aries man and Scorpio woman can be gentle and caring. They are possessive about their lovers. They will

always stand for their support. They are active and outgoing in nature. They like to maintain their space. They are good

decision makers but can make hasty decisions.

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman:

Scorpio woman has mysterious personality. She is charming and has bold looks which can make any man follow her. She is

analytical in nature and likes to research in full detail. She prefers to stay calm and only concentrate on her work. She

may not get mixed with others quickly but that’s what pulls other men towards her. She has strong will power which helps

her to complete her objectives.

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman possesses the same obsession for her lover like Aries man does. She will show dedication towards Aries man

but in return she will need him to respect her. She is more of giving person; if she gets same dedication from Aries man

then she will show more affection and care for him. She will support him in all the conditions and hold his confidence

high. She loves her family and friends thus anyone who tries to hurt her beloved people will get very bad punishment from

her. Aries man like his independence; he has never been under such care and affection thus he finds it irritating first

but later he learns the meaning of love. He finds her truly dedicated and loyal but her nature of analyzing things can

annoy Aries man who loves his privacy. She also hides many things from her lover even after being with each other for

long time.

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Aries man and Scorpio woman

Aries man is very protective towards his woman. He shows loyalty to Scorpio woman once he is sure that this is the woman

of his life. He likes to stay away from being too emotional but he will be always there when she needs him the most. He

can make her lonely life excited and enjoyable. He is fascinated by her beauty and would spend even more to make her look

even beautiful. Aries man can become selfish here as he wants his companion to look good so that he will get more

attention from people. He may also bring expensive gifts for Scorpio woman in order to make her happy but on the negative

side it may make her to doubt on him.

Aries man and Scorpio woman relationship needs some time to settle down. Once they have got enough time to

understand each other, Scorpio woman may not show doubt about Aries man’s character. Aries man may also feel the same

attraction towards her. Aries man may allow Scorpio woman to lead sometimes after knowing about her keenness to win.

Scorpio woman heartily appreciates this gesture from Aries man.

Aries man and Scorpio woman both are passionate and sensitive individuals; this makes strong base for their relationship.

Scorpio woman likes the confident nature of Aries but his rudeness can hurt her. Aries man likes loyalty shown by Scorpio

woman but her tendency to keep secrets and doubting on his every single activity can make him angry. Aries Woman and Scorpio Man need to grow mutual understanding to live together.

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